The Biggest Megajackpots Winners of All Time

There have been plenty of incredible slots wins throughout history, and some of them have gone down in legend. If you’ve ever won on a slot game, you will know how great that feeling can be. So, imagine how awesome it is to win a massive jackpot that could change your life. Well, that’s exactly what happened to these players when they logged in and started spinning the reels.

We have scoured the pantheons of the internet and found some of the best and biggest jackpot wins. We’re sure you will agree that these are some of the top wins in the world. Imagine being able to say you were on the receiving end of one of these sensational jackpot wins.

The Dark Knight

The hit Batman movie is known as being one of the final performances of tragic Australian actor Heath Ledger. The movie was a dark, Gothic, neo-noir masterpiece, and one of the finest films of the last two decades. And the slot game conveys all of these things, offering a wonderfully dark theme. Last year an Australian player managed to scoop an amazing win of just under AU$10.5 million on this famed Microgaming slot.

Hall of Gods

Hall of Gods has it all in terms of making appealing slots games. It has a cool theme, based on Norse mythology. Characters like Thor and Odin can be found in this well designed and impressive slot game. The game has paid out a record jackpot win of over €7.8 million, but the player involved has chosen to stay anonymous. This is one of the most important wins in the history of slots gaming and has put Hall of Gods on the map as one of the most attractive and exciting slots games in the world.

Mega Moolah

We all know the lure and appeal of Mega Moolah as a slot game. It has produced more incredible jackpot wins than any other slot we can think of. It is one of the games that slots players all want to be a part of because of the payouts that the game has produced. Mega Moolah has produced one of the most amazing jackpot payouts ever when Jonathan Heywood landed a whopping £13.2 million. The game has continued to produce awesome jackpot wins and still remains a popular slot.

Mega Fortune

However, Mega Moolah is not responsible for the largest jackpot win of all time on a slot game. That honour is bestowed upon Mega Fortune, the amazing progressive slot game from Net Entertainment. The lucky winner was a Scandinavian player from Finland who won the mouth-watering, jaw-dropping, €17,861,800! The win happened on the gaming site PAF, and this is the highest record win of all time. We are sure it’s not going to be long before this is surpassed though.

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