The Biggest Mega Fortune Jackpot Winners Ever

Mega Fortune is absolutely incredible when it comes to dishing out huge jackpots to lucky individuals who always dream of making that big win but never quite believe that it will happen to them. However, time and time again Mega Fortune manage to surprise someone and completely change their life with a huge chunk of money. Here are some of the biggest Mega Fortune jackpot winners ever. 

Anonymous – Finland

In January 2013, Mega Fortune paid out the largest jackpot sum that has ever been won by anybody, ever. A lucky man in Finland, who has remained anonymous even to this day, was fortunate enough to win himself a jaw-dropping jackpot of 17.8 million euros. The prize was paid to him in a lump sum, and he actually ended up landing a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records too! Since then more and more players have signed up to Mega Fortune in the hopes that they will be just as lucky. 

Anonymous – Amsterdam

A young woman in Amsterdam also managed to completely change her life when she won a huge jackpot payout from Mega Fortune. The young lady in question managed to bag herself a lump sum prize of 4.3 million euros and completely changed her life overnight! 

Anonymous – Sweden

It doesn’t matter how much you choose to bet, you could still be in with a chance of winning one of the biggest jackpots going. This was the mentality of an individual in Sweden, who chose to take a chance on Mega Fortune and make a bet of just £1. Luck was on their side, however, as this £1 bet multiplied into a 3.9 million euro jackpot win for them! 

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