The Biggest Arabian Nights Winners Ever

Arabian Nights is a cool and exciting slot game that Net Entertainment has released. In terms of progressive slots, this is one of the most fun, and there have been big wins associated with this game. Since 2009 it has been a fun and popular choice for gamblers all over the world. There have been plenty of big wins associated with this slot game, and we’re going to look at some of them.

When you elect to play a slot game, it’s important to choose something that’s going to capture your interest. You want a fun and immersive game to play, as well as one that is going to give you a good chance at a jackpot win. Here are three of the biggest Arabian Nights wins to help you get inspired.

€4.8 Million – Peter

The biggest win on the Arabian Nights slot was a sensational €4.8 million won by Peter, a player from Norway, playing at Betsson Casino. This is one of the brightest and most memorable slot wins of all time, and the largest single payout Betsson has ever made. This is still the largest win the game has ever produced, and it happened all the way back in March of 2010. 40-year-old Peter, an Oslo native decided to try his luck on the game late in the evening, and it was a decision that would change his life. A €5 bet and a single spin led Peter to his unbelievable win.

€1.66 Million – Jorgen

Another of the biggest wins on this game also came from a player in Norway, this time it was a player named Jorgen, and his win came in July of 2010. While not as big or impressive a win as Peter’s, Jorgen still managed to scoop a cool €1.66 million, not bad for a night’s work! The story goes that just before heading out with his friends, Jorgen logged on into Unibet Casino and had a few spins. On his 45th spin, he scored the 5 Prince symbols to win his jackpot. Needless to say, we reckon the beers were on Jorgen that night!

€1.1 Million – Nils

Arabian Nights must be a popular slot in Scandinavia because this is the third jackpot win from Norway. A guy called Nils scooped a jackpot of a little over €1 million in January of 2009. We wonder what it is that makes this such a popular themed slot in Norway. Perhaps the hot and sandy Arabian theme contrasts nicely with the cold and biting climate in Norway. After just a few spins, Nils was rubbing his eyes and shaking his head as he tried to make sense of his amazing win.

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