How to win big prizes on blackjack online

Obviously, the best way to win any kind of prize in a game of blackjack online is to have a good gaming strategy behind you and for you to know exactly what you’re doing. However, sometimes winning isn’t enough. Sometimes you want to be able to make the biggest win possible- so, it’s important that you know how you can maximize your winnings, to ensure you win the biggest prizes available.

Use Basic Strategy
The basic strategy is what everyone learns when they’re first learning how to play blackjack at all. Basic strategy teaches individuals the ins and outs of the game, helps them to become familiar with the rules, and everything else in between. When people have a firm grasp on basic strategy, there’s a very high chance that they will always be able to win a game- more than that, they will win a game with a return to player rate of 99.63%. That’s almost 100%, and a very, very high RTP rate indeed. Learn your basic strategy, and you’ll make some of the biggest wins that you can.

Never Take Insurance
While it might seem like a really good idea at the time, in the grand scheme of things it is far more profitable to you not to take insurance as opposed to taking it. It is better to risk losing the stake you initially make (and if you’ve been studying your strategy, this won’t happen!) than to pay to protect it from being damaged by blackjack.

Study Your Blackjack Strategy Charts
Sometimes, basic blackjack strategy just isn’t enough. This is where blackjack strategy charts come into play; they offer alternatives to the classic basic strategy, with different routes you can take into winning, tricks you can use to make a sly win that your opponent won’t see coming- of course, these all work even better online when no one can see your face as you play!

Play Your Aces Properly
And when we say play your aces properly, we mean split them- every single time. This makes a card stall, it provides you strength in your hand and will help you to make a more secure win more quickly.

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