How To Win Big Playing Roulette Online

How to win big playing roulette online

Anyone can be lucky enough to win a game of roulette online and put it all down to luck. However, sometimes you want to do more than just win a game of roulette; you want to win big, taking home the biggest prizes that you possibly can. Well, have a read on and find out exactly what you can do to help you make some huge wins.

Increase Your Wager
The most obvious- and perhaps most risky- move you can make in order to try and win big while playing roulette online is to increase your wager. Whatever you usually wager double it- maybe even double it again! The higher the wager, the fewer turns you’ll need to take so it doesn’t matter if you run out of cash quickly, as long as you’ve tried…and if it pays off, hey, you’ve earned yourself a jackpot!

Double After A Win
Every time you make a win in the game, double your wager. If you’re lucky streak continues, every time you make a win, triple your wager. These gradual increases will help you to win more. Remember to save some of your winnings each time- at least 25% of them- so that you don’t end up losing everything.

Choose A Strategy
Of course, the best way to win any online or land based casino game is to have a firm understanding of all of the strategies you can use to win that game, and have one in your mind as Plan A and then one in your mind as Plan B that you can resort to if you come across a bump in the road that prevents Plan A from working properly. However, make sure you know every roulette strategy inside out- you never know when you may need to steal a move from one strategy to make another one work because your opponent has pulled a move you weren’t expecting!

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